Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Last Airbender's Pagoda of Reading, PA

Noeezy edited this badboy. It's a lil clip about our visit to "The Pagoda", THE crustiest wannabe-Asian-looking artifact on a random hillside overlooking Reading, PA. It was built a million years ago with hopes that it would one day bring in cash money flow as a hotel. However, it now sits, rejected and alone atop the lonely hill, Caucasians flocking from miles around to see this piece of foreign work and brag about the Pagoda to the few Asians they come in contact with. They take a good amount of photos of the building, lit up in all the glory it can muster...

It was also used at some point in The Last Airbender movie, so we went hoping that it would be a spectacular place. It wasn't.

Behold the PAGODA:

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Putie Tang said...

it looks liek the WORST MOVIE ever!! and yeah it looks wannabe asian lol